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Diploma in Islamic Micro Finance


International Centre for Islamic Finance & Business

1. Course Overview

The Diploma in Islamic Micro Finance of ICIFB is equivalent to Level 5 of the National Qualifications Framework of England, Wales and Northern Ireland of the United Kingdom.

The course is designed for students and professionals who are seeking to have more than a basic understanding of the concepts and operating principles that apply to Islamic Bonds in comparison to conventional Bond. Applying Islamic principles in in modern markets poses serious challenges for Islamic financial industry. The course consists of 25 lectures Reading contained in five modules. On completion of the course students will be awarded the Diploma of Islamic Bond and Practice issued by the International Centre for Islamic Finance and Business United Kingdom.

2. Entry Requirement

  • Education Equivalent to Level 4.
  • High Level of competency in English.

3. Mode of Study

This course is offered on Distance Learning Method.

4. Tutor Support

After enrollment you will be assigned a tutor. Your tutor will support and guide you during your course.

5. Course Duration

The course should be completed in 9 months. An average of 12 hours a week is recommended for study and submitting assignments.

6. Assessment of Course

Course assessment is based on the combination of assignments and short questions.

7. Examination

After completion of five modules a final question paper will send to student by ICIFB examination committee. Question paper contains short question and multiple choice questions. Student final result based on the marks of assignments and Final paper.

8. Course Fee

The course Fee is £510.

9. Payment of Fee

At the Time of Enrollment student has to pay minimum £10. If your application accepted by ICIFB Admission committee then you have to pay remaining (£500) fee. You can pay your fee by using our online fee payment method after login in your student portal given by ICIFB or by Bank Transfer.

Note: Three Equal installment (£100 each) options is available for all students.

10. Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel your enrolment, you do so within the 14 days period of your initial fee payment date.

11. Extension Time for your Course

If you are unable to complete your course within the time frame for this course, you can apply for extension of time after filling course extension form.

Note: Extension fee is £100 for 3 months.

12. Grading System

Grade Description Marks
A Excellent 80-100
B Very good 70-79
C Good 60-69
D Satisfactory 50-59
E Un-satisfactory 0-49

Note: If your grade is E you have to resubmit your assignments.

Re-submission fee is £100.

13. Issuance of Certificate

After successful completion of course Diploma will be issued by ICIFB United Kingdom.

14. Syllabus for This Course

  • Module 1: Theory & Practice of Islamic Micro Finance
  • Module 2: Islamic Microfinance & Economic Growth
  • Module 3: Success Stories of Islamic Micro Finance
  • Module 4: Regulations for Islamic Micro Financing
  • Module 5: Current Issues in Islamic Micro Financing

15. How to apply

Fill online application form for enrollment in this course.

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