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International Centre for Islamic Finance & Business

ICIFB is a prestigious organization that has a mission to provide a channel for professionals in the field to excel and make Islamic finance the world’s best financial system. We aim to gather the world’s most knowledgeable and recognized individuals under one roof that will educate and train existing and new comers in Islamic finance industry.

ICIFB is a one stop institute that provides education, training and practice in all aspects of Islamic finance. Our aim is raise global awareness on Islamic finance amongst people around the globe. ICIFB is managed by professionals with a magnitude of industry and academic experience. This will help the professionals in the field to gain knowledge on Islamic financial products which will enable them to satisfy their clients and increase the productivity of Islamic finance in the financial market.


To develop and promote true Islamic Financial system which will address today’s economic problems and present permanent solution to mankind for consistent economic growth and equality.


ICIFB aims to increase awareness of the true Islamic financial principles that have the potential to work parallel to the conventional financial system ruling today’s world.  Islamic financial is the only financial system that promotes justice and can benefit every country’s economic climate and growth. ICIFB will be amongst the major contributors in making Islamic finance equivalent or better than conventional financial system.


To educate humanity about Islamic Financial theories, practice and benefits.

To Train professionals in the field of Islamic finance and outside for a better understanding of available and new products.

To establish a model in compliance with true Islamic Financial Principle in businesses, Financial Markets and in the Banking sector.

To present a solution foe complex financial issues in Islamic Financial Market through research and consultancy.

Team of ICIFB


Muhammad Awais Cheema

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

PhD. Islamic Finance, University of Bolton, Centre for Islamic Finance, UK.
MS. International Finance and Banking, University of Bedfordshire, UK.
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), USA.

ICIFB Faculty and Training Consultants


Pro. Dr. Atiq-uz-Zafar

Head of Training Consultants

• Ph.D. Economics, IIUI.
• M.A. Economics, Ontario, Canada.


Pro. Dr. Hafiz M. Yasin

Associate Training Consultant

• Ph.D Economics, IIUI.
• M. Phil Economics, IIUI.


Prof. Dr. Faiz-ur-Rahim

Associate Training Consultant

• PhD Economics, IIUI.
• M.Phil Economics, IIUI.


Pro. Dr. Muhammad Akram

Associate Training Consultant

• Ph.D Economics, UK.
• M.Phil Economics, QAU.


Mr. Malik Muhammad

Associate Consultant

• Ph.D Economics, IIUI.
• M.Phil Economics, QAU Islamabad.


HM Rashid Nomani

Head of Quran & Social Sciences

• M.A. Islamic Studies, UOL, UK.
• Tafseer-ul-Quran and Arabic Language.


Mr. H. Salman Farooq

Associate Consultant

• Phd. Islamic Banking and Finance, IIUI.
• LLM in Islamic Law, IIUI.


Miss. Qurat ul Ain


• M.Phil Finance, University of Karachi.
• MBA Finance.


Muhammad Rizwan

Training Consultant

• MSc investment Finance, UK.


Emir Camdzic


• PhD Islamic Finance, UK.
• MA Islamic Banking and Finance, UK.


Prof. Alam Khan

Training Consultant

• PHD Hadith & science, Turkey.
• M.Phil Hadith & science, IIUI.


Prof. Anzar Mahmood

Training Consultant

• MA Hadith and Quranic studies.
• LLB Sharia and Law, IIUI.

Management Team


Mr. Hammad Husain

Manager Accounting and Finance

• MBA Accounting and finance.
• ACCA (UK).


Mr. Musa Khan

Manager Media and Marketing

• PhD Media & Communication, Turkey.
• M.Phil Media & Mass Communication, IIUI.


Mr. Abrar Qureshi

Media Coordinator

• MA media management (UK).
• Electronic & Social Media.


Shafiulla Mohammad

Project Coordinator- India

• MSc international finance and Banking, UK.
• Bachelor of commerce, India.

IT Consultant


Muhammad Ali Gilani

IT Executive

• MSc Computer Sciences.
• BBA Hons Information Technology.


Kashif Latif

Chief Consultant

• MS Project Management.
• BS Information Technology.


Farhan Ahmad

Assistant Consultant

• BS Information Technology.
• University of Education.


Muhammad Waseem

Web Development Consultant

• BS Information Technology.
• University of Punjab.