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International Centre for Islamic Finance & Business

ICIFB has a team of Professionals with experience and they are well equipped to train employees of various organisations in Islamic finance and banking. Training under ICIFB involves workshops that cover practical training on financial products that comply with Shari’ah principles.

If you are an organization in the Islamic Financial industry and you need to train your staff for better performance then contacts our training department to book your training secession with us.  We use best techniques for training secessions which include Booklets, charts posters, Power point presentations, videos and practical examples.

We are proud to be offering the following quality services training around the globe.

Training Programmes

Takaful (Islamic Insurance)

Insurance is the fastest growing sector of the financial industry. Islamic insurance has different business models. However this industry faces many challenges, but our advisory board and professionals have the skills to deal with issues. We provide training to Insurance company’s staff and professionals who are working in this industry.
Contact us for book your training Secession.

Islamic Micro Finance

Islamic microfinance has the potential to expand access to finance to unprecedented levels throughout the Muslim world. The global Islamic finance industry is rapidly growing. ICIFB has the team of professionals with appropriate experience to train the staff working in this industry.
To book your training secession contact us for further details.

Ijaarah (Leasing)

Ijara is commonly practiced in Islamic banks as well as some conventional banks. The practice of jara can be offered confidently if the service provider has sufficient knowledge about this financial product. ICIFB can be an excellent choice in providing staff with training on ijara.
To book your training secessions with us please contact our team.

Sukuk (Islamic Bond)

Sukuk commonly refers to the Islamic equivalent of bonds. However, as opposed to conventional bonds, which merely confer ownership of a debt, Sukuk grants the investor a share of an asset, along with the commensurate cash flows and risk. Sukuk is getting popular around the world. ICIFB has professionals for train professionals and brokers in becoming an expert in Sukuk.

Bai Salam (Advance Payment)

Salam is a forward financing transaction, where the financial institution pays in advance for buying specified assets, which the seller will supply on a pre-agreed date. ICIFB believes that salam will be beneficial for many business models that especially involve goods and therefore ICIFB can provide training to help business who intend to develop to practice this financial product.

Musharaka Mudarbha (Profit & Loss Sharing)

Musharaka and Mudarhba is a contract between a capital provider and a businessman on the basis of profit and loss sharing. In this model profit and loss are equally distributed amongst the two parties. This principle within Islamic finance is popular, and therefore ICIFB has experts who can guide the investors and entrepreneur in establishing a secure business plan.

Muraabahah (Cost + Pricing)

Muraabahah is a structure in Islamic finance in which one party buys a good for cash and then sells it to a second party for deferred payments. Again this product is excellent for mortgages and other goods.. ICIFB has a special department for Muraabahah where our experts can give efficient training and guidance on how to use and make this product a leading factor of success for your organisation.

Islamic Banking Products

Islamic financial system is rising globally, and even conventional banks have opened Islamic windows to attract a wide range of customers. However without insufficient knowledge it is a challenge to satisfy a customer. This is where an organisation can take benefit from ICIFB and take easily to understand training that will boost the credibility of your services.